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Act! 2010 + Dialing Guide

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Dialing configuration

To dial out from within Act! 2010 +, dialing needs to be configured correctly.

Please see the following link to make sure that the "dialing" is enabled before progressing: Dialing settings

Dialing Configuration

Right-click the BroadCloud CRM Connect tray icon in the system tray menu and then left-click the "Configuration" option from the menu that pops up, this will open the "Configuration" screen. In the "General" group, click on the "Dialing" option.

Click the "Add" button to start the BroadCloud CRM Connect dialing wizard.

Dialing Configuration

The first question in the wizard asks you about the type of application you want to dial from. Select the "Any other type of standard Windows application" option, then press Next.

Dialing Configuration

Open Act! 2010 + and navigate to a screen that already has a telephone number in a textbox you'd like to be able to dial. Back in the BroadCloud CRM Connect wizard, click and hold the target icon, drag it over the textbox containing the telephone number and then let go. This can be made easier if you have the wizard and Act! 2010 + side-by-side on your screen.

If the wizard finds a valid number, it will add the textbox to the configuration settings. Click "Next" and then "Close".

You can add as many textboxes as you like, just start the process by clicking the "Add" button and working your way through again.

Click "Save" to store your settings and you're ready to go.

Dialing Configuration

Now, when the cursor hovers over any of the textboxes you have configured icons will appear at the end. Click on them to dial the number in the textbox or hang up.