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Dialing settings

Dialing Types

Type-in dialing: Enter in a telephone number to dial.

Clipboard Dialing: Copy a telephone number to the clipboard so the client can dial it automatically.

Web Page Dialing: The software client can automatically scan web pages and convert anything that looks like a telephone number into a clickable hyperlink (Safari and Chrome only).

macOS Contacts plug-in: Allows user to dial directly from the macOS contacts.

Dialing Instructions

Type-in dialing

Type-in dialing: Double-click the green circle in the top right corner of the main menu bar and enter the telephone number in the "Make call" box. You can use the backspace key if you type it wrong. Hit enter or click on the "Call" button to make a call.

Clipboard dialing

Clipboard Dialing: Our software client monitors the macOS clipboard so if you copy anything that looks like a telephone number, it will auto populate it and display a tiny clipboard next to the top green icon, showing that it is ready to make a call. Double-click on the icon and hit enter or click on the "Call" button to dial the number.

Web page dialing

Web Page Dialing: You can configure our client to search your web pages for telephone numbers to dial. It won't find all of them, unfortunately, but it is good at phone directory searches because it is optimized to understand this kind of page. To turn this functionality on, you need to install the Safari plug-in or Chrome extension.

Telephone Number Detection extension

Safari: The first time you open a web browser after installing our software, you will be asked to install "Telephone Number Detection" so click "Yes" to open the extensions options as shown on the screenshot. This can also be manually opened by going to the Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions menu. You can then enable the extension by selecting "Enable Telephone Number Detection".

Telephone Number Detection extension

This action will create a telephone symbol in the top bar of the Safari Browser. If you are experiencing any problems or need to install/re-install the Safari plugin, please see "Version" section.

Chrome: To dial a telephone number directly from Google Chrome browser, click here.

Address Book dialing

macOS Contacts dialing: The Address Book plugin is installed automatically with our client and it allows user to dial directly from the macOS Contacts. Simply click on the "field name" e.g. "mobile" (that has a valid telephone number) and from the drop-down menu dial the number. If you are experiencing any problems with this dialing method please go to "Version" section and re-install this plugin.

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